Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Real AK-47? Yep/Absentee Voting

The things we learn about society in general and gun afficiandos in particular never cease to amaze us. We recently published a photo of Elijah Graham holding a Russian AK-47 assault rifle...yes, a real one. One of young Mr. Graham's supporters quickly informed us that Elijah was actually holding an Airsoft brand air gun. Hmmm. Do such things actually exist? We would have bet no; however, we would have been wrong. Never underestimate the decadent desires of the American public.

Below is a photo of such an air rifle. Note the hollow, open stock and the orange tip. These two features distinguish the air gun from a real AK-47--which Elijah was holding. They also theoretically distinguish the air gun for the benefit of police. It's still a sobering thought that those who protect our lives and property are forced to contend with such "fun toys."

It's also a sobering thought that a father would buy his son a six hundred dollar assault rife.We're going to guess that supporters will now also contend that isn't a real cigarette the then 17 year-old Elijah is smoking?

Absentee voting for the March 13 primary begins locally on Monday, February 6.  Individuals who are not be able to vote on March 13 between 7am and 7pm due to work or being out of town (for example) are eligible to vote absentee.  Candidates, as you campaign, you will discover voters who say, "I'll be out of town on March 13."  They might say, "My work schedule doesn't allow me to go vote."  Encourage them to vote absentee.  If there are any questions, contact the office of the county probate judge or circuit court clerk.  You can also visit the Secretary of State's website at



  1. I'm not standing up for Elijah in any shape, form or fashion, but you're information is incorrect. The weapon he is pictured holding is, indeed, an airsoft "toy" gun.

    Your picture of the "open stock" and "orange tip" do nothing to distinguish a real weapon from an airsoft weapon.

    There are plenty of airsoft toys on the market that look identical to the "average eye" to the real thing.

    The weapon he is holding in the picture is an airsoft toy, not a real AK-47.

  2. Careful, SS....don't step on a redneck's (read: Republican) 2nd amendment rights!

    1. If anybody pointed a gun like that at me I would feel threatened enough to pull my legally concealed 40cal and take out that threat. Toy or no toy it looks real and who has the time to see if the stupid thing has an orange tip on the end of it. If you go around pointing guns (real or not) at people be prepared to eventually have somebody call your bluff. @ Justin I'm a lot of things but a red neck isent one of them. I hope you dont believe that only red necks like and own guns.

    2. The sad part is Hershel Graham saw a gun as the only way out of an argument.

  3. Airsoft is a brand. They make ONE AK-47 rifle and the one pictured is it. There may be another brand, but we have not found it. Also, the police detective with whom we consulted said all air guns carry an orange tip, no matter the brand. Surely one as upstanding and honest as Elijah wouldn't paint the tip of an air rife to make it look real? What would be his purpose unless to fool a victim?

  4. Ummmm no...Airsoft is a sport, not a brand. And any internet search with net you multiple airsoft Ak-47s available in just about every imaginable configuration, with or without the orange tip (which can be removed).

    What's more important to note is that this punk kid is driving around pointing it out a car window. Any look-a-like weapon is treated as a REAL weapon and the holder of such weapon can be charged as if it were real if it is used in the committing of a crime.

    1. We stand corrected...and a quick search using the right term shows 15 different manufacturers. We didn't check to see how many carried AK-47s, but have just previously found one--the one pictured.

      Interesting that a "sport" of which we've never heard manufactures such a variety of "tactical" weaponry for the, uh, as you called them, punks to use and abuse. Also interesting that the set young Elijah hangs with seems to know so much about guns and so little about grammar or morals.