Monday, February 20, 2012

Is Sheffield Shooting Range a Brownfield?

In 1979, the North Alabama Shooting Association leased property from Sheffield and opened a firing range in what was then a desolate part of the small Colbert County town. Ten years ago Ridge Pointe subdivision came into being and is now demanding the City of Sheffield shut down the range.

Unlike many people, we see little value in guns, but we also have common sense. Didn't those who purchased homes in Ridge Pointe know of the range when they signed on the dotted line. Why protest now?

Fancy subdivisions breed guess what? More fancy subdivisions. Obviously the property on which the range is located is now worth much more than in 1979. One of our readers who frequents the shooting range has heard the property called a brownfield. In the U.S., brownfields usually require a small amount of work to be turned into valuable property. We're not sure that a shooting range has left any contaminants to be removed. The property could more correctly be termed shovel ready.

Yes, things change, but it will be interesting to see who eventually purchases the property from the city. Damn the shotguns and follow the money.


Colbert County Schools superintendent Billy Hudson is demanding the system build a new central office complex. If the current offices are so mold ridden, and we have no doubt they are, we're surprised Hudson wouldn't be happy with just clean and safe accommodations. Money to build an entire new complex could be better used in the not so wonderful world of Colbert County education.


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  1. Additional Range information

    It was discovered today that the insurance carrier for the city of Sheffield was aware there was a shooting range on city property. So the thing about Insurance on Monday was not true, also the North Alabama Shooting Association offered to pay the city of Sheffield $25,000.00 for a written 5 year lease on the land so we could have time to acquire our own land and build another club for our family's to enjoy and it was rejected. Part of the proposal was also to build sound baffles to reduce the rifle noise by 70% and build a larger earth berm and plant bamboo so it would provide extra noise reduction and additional safety.