Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mel Grimes: The Dem to Beat for Commission Chair

If you live in the western end of Lauderdale County, you know the east gets the gravy. If you live in the eastern end, you know the west gets preferential treatment. Hmmmm, both statements can't be true. Actually, neither is true. If you think the long running feud between Lauderdale and Colbert Counties is the only one going, you haven't talked to those who reside in Waterloo or Rogersville.

Unlike other large counties, Lauderdale has only two districts, therefore a certain amount of polarity is inevitable. The eastern end of the county is also more populous, giving it the edge in voting. Sadly, it may come down to this mini-geographic divide to decide the new office of County Commission Chair.

Three Democrats are vying for this part-time job: Dewey Mitchell, Mel Grimes, and Candy Haddock. Haddock, judging from a previous local run, would seem to be the dark horse. A strong businesswoman, she has little political experience and would be a long shot to win the nomination. Obviously the Democrats are seeking a candidate that can beat Republican Quinton Hanson.

Dewey Mitchell may be seen as something of an incumbent since he is retiring as county probate judge. One Florence city council member has called Mitchell the worst probate judge in the history of the county. Others have taken issue with his less than tactful approach concerning day to day problems inherent in the office.Perhaps the most unsettling accusation concerning Mitchell is that he has chosen to run in order to secure a certain Lauderdale site as the location of the new hospital.

That leaves relative newcomer Mel Grimes; just what does he stand for? A member of the Waterloo town council, Grimes has proved popular with voters in the eastern end of the county. Even more importantly, he has stated he looks forward to improving the county using the intellectual support of individuals who actually have expertise in the areas currently affecting Lauderdale County.

Mel will be giving us a statement in the next few days. We happily endorse Mel Grimes for the Democratic nominee for Lauderdale County Commission Chair.


We've had several questions lately concerning what can be done to stop convenience stores from selling tobacco products to underage youths. If you have seen such sales, first contact the manager/owner of the retail establishment. Note the time of the sale and the name of the offending clerk.

If the problem still continues, contact the ATF of Alabama at:

Huntsville Satellite Field Office
3750 Corporal Road
Redstone Arsenal, Alabama 35898 USA
Voice (256) 533-8880
Fax (256) 533-8881

The agents in charge will either put you in touch with local authorities or handle the matter themselves. Good luck.


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  1. I met Mel recently and was quite impressed. He'll get my vote and I hope all your readers will consider him. This is a new office and new chance to improve our county. Let's not let a good ol' boy mentality ruin it for us. BTW, I know Candy personally and she's a great lady. I just think Mel can do the best job.