Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who Would Hurt Blackie?

Shoals Writer/Photographer Mary Carton & Her Three Hooligans

Who doesn't love Hooligans? At least my friend Mary Carton's Hooligan's? More to the point, who would ever want to hurt one? We've always felt that at least with the written word one should be able to make a point without resorting to vile epithets, so let's just say whoever attempted to harm Blackie earlier this week comes from a long line of bachelors.

Another neighborhood dog in Tuscumbia was killed, and we know his parents must be suffering. If you have any information concerning the waste of oxygen who harmed Blackie and his friend, contact us or the Colbert County Sheriff's Department. We're offering a small reward.

Good luck and a speedy recovery, Blackie. We love you.


Since beginning this blog, we've endorsed candidates in three elections. This week our endorsement in the Colbert County School Superintendent's race has produced more input than any previous contest. We will be publishing some of our readers' thoughts in the immediate future. Please feel free to write us with your thoughts.


Happy Leap Year Day!



  1. That's terrible about Blackie. I hate to hear of anyone hurting/neglecting/mistreating animals. I'd wish that the animal cruelty laws in Alabama were stricter then maybe these animal abusing scum suckers would think before they hurt God's Creations. Prayers for Blackie and for justice!!

  2. Thanks for posting this.
    My underground fence wasn't working & I had worked on it a week & bought a new transmitter. So Friday night she went hunting in the field across the creek. She was sitting in a field behind my house when she saw me Sat AM & started barking at me. I saw her & told her to get back over here, & she kept sitting looking at me with her with her tongue hanging out. I knew something was wrong & went back to the house to get my truck & she just kept barking. I had to go around the creek & come in the back & when I got to her she showed me she couldn't walk. Going to the vets I went saw tracks where someone had been chasing her around & around an overgrown area around a old home site where a meth lab had been set up earlier. When I got her to the vets, she had 3 to 4 dozen buckshot in her back & legs.

    What really irritates me is that the new $200 transmitter was defective out of the box. I e-mailed the company asking if they are letting the consumer do their QA now.

    During this whole time thinking about Blackie running for her life, I keep thinking about the little girl who was made to run 3 hrs and died. I also can't help but think some one is trying to get rid of dogs before doing some burglaries. I haven't been able to get by the courthouse yet to file a report before closing. Mary

  3. Often the news fails to cover these type crimes. If you're aware of animal cruelty and can supply names and locations, we will publish the story for you. Glad that Blackie has such a sweet mum and grandmum and is doing better.