Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Home Rule Beat Ronnie Brown Four Years Ago

Fay Parker is currently the Lauderdale County Commissioner for District II. He won the office four years ago, defeating long time incumbent Ronnie Brown. Most local political pundits chalked Parker's win up to his stance against Home Rule. Both men are now in a race with Keith Collier Jr for the 2012 Democratic nomination.

What is Home Rule? Simply stated it means a county doesn't have to go to Montgomery every time it wants to place limits on a waste industry or animal control. Why Home Rule has been such a hot button for so long is beyond our ken. Many say they wish to live in the county simply because they may let their animals roam freely, but then object when a plant turning human waste into fertilizer wants to build next to them. You just can't have it both ways.

Tomorrow we'll look at newcomer Keith Collier Jr. and offer our endorsement for Place 2.


Head shots and humility: There have been some posts in a new blog that mention several people who should watch out for a bullet in the head. Interesting concept if one has no morals, we suppose. Our train of thought quickly turned to the question of death and had we ever wished it on anyone or anything.

We'll be honest that we've strongly considered Brian David Mitchell, Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper/rapist, a good choice for the 22 behind the ear award, but could we do it? No, as a Christian and one who respects the laws we could not. What about other lower species?

While talking with a police detective about such things, we mentioned fleas. We would like to kill as many as we could, the ecosystem be danged. The train of thought soon zoomed on down the tracks to a long ago conversation with a close friend who was a vet tech. She asked the doctor for whom she worked why God created fleas. His reply? "Humility, my dear. They're so hard to kill they make us humble."

In striving to be humble, we hope none of us forgets our self worth or the worth of others. No one deserves to be beaten, raped, robbed, or tortured. When we allow such things to happen because we're "judging," we not only allow the victims no chance to regain their self worth, but lose any small amount of that quality we may have ourselves possessed.



  1. I heard a Presbyterian minister preach something much like this years ago. Very profound. It's similar to the story of turning our heads as they come for others until there's no one left to help when they come for us. Keep up the good work.

  2. Did Ronnie Brown run four years ago?