Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Revisiting Troy Woodis & Bob "Tuc" Montgomery

 Troy Woodis Sitting on Left of Local Pariah Greg Aziz

We doubt that any of us who have been voting for any number of years have not voted for the "ideal" candidate only to find out later that the man/woman was a wife beater/Satanist/whatever. It happens.

We were certainly caught off guard yesterday when we read the breaking story on Troy Woodis in The Connection:

We don't pretend to know what has precipitated Mr. Woodis' financial problems, but the drastic decline in housing sales would seem to be a likely guess. We don't know if Woodis is not providing child support because of a lack of means or a lack of common care for his children. He is obviously funding his campaign for the Colbert County Commission. That's not very good prioritizing.

That brings us back to his opponent Lane Roland. Roland may work as manager of the Madison office of the North Alabama Gas District, but the main office is in Muscle Shoals. Would he vote on issues concerning natural gas in Colbert County? Many issues would involve gas service peripherally; would he vote on those if the public didn't realize this?

These are the issues. We are not going to endorse anyone in this particular Democratic race. Colbert voters need to look at all the issues and look at them good. Then vote. Then keep their eyes on whoever serves them. In God we trust; all others should be reasonably suspect.


No local race has been as divisive as the one for Colbert County School Superintendent. Both candidates have run an honorable campaign, but our readers are vehement in their support of either Montgomery or Olivis. We're still receiving e-mails on this particular office/endorsement.

We'll take a second look at both candidates tomorrow. If you want to make your voice heard here, please send your thoughts now. It speaks well of both men that they have such avid supporters and have run such a clean race.


Slang? Ain't it cool? Who should use it and when? Each profession has its own patois, usually not known to the general public and often not grammatical. Should our educators use slang, at least publicly? In other words, is is really copacetic? (Yes, that was a salute to Bill Bojangles Robinson.)

We see where current Lauderdale County School Superintendent William Valentine has just announced he "trespassed" a father from any school property. Trespassed? Really? Perhaps when Dr. Valentine leaves office some incoming choppers will whisk him back to his crib where he can ride the scan machine for more popo talk. From Merriam-Webster:

a : a violation of moral or social ethics : transgression; especially : sin b : an unwarranted infringement
a : an unlawful act committed on the person, property, or rights of another; especially : a wrongful entry on real property b : the legal action for injuries resulting from trespass.


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