Friday, March 30, 2012

Tommy Arthur Curses Us All

Apparently Tommy Arthur was prepared for the worst this time, even if it didn't happen. His final words to the world were to be a curse, which he forwarded to a friend to type and send to various news media. The person who forwarded this anathema laced document to us does not want Arthur to gain from such publicity, so we will not reproduce it here. Let's just say that his thoughts are not benevolent; even Spot and Fluffy are not exempt from Arthur's rantings. We're sure if you dig you can find them published elsewhere.

If any of you do read his "final words" to us all, please let us know if you can honestly say he wouldn't kill again if released into the general prison population. If the Devil dances in wicked minds, he's having a ball in Arthur's.


Spring Housecleaning Continued
- Those who read various blogs and forums in Shoals cyberspace are aware that certain unscrupulous rumblings have invaded recently--or would that more correctly be ramblings. We're not going to address all of them here, but we do wish to clear up any misconceptions in one area. Until two years ago, Mr. E.A. Truitt was listed here as "publisher." He at no time was ever listed as a partner, although we greatly valued his help.

Sadly, Mr. Truitt is just one of approximately ten individuals who have been painted with a tainted brush and accused of anything from jaywalking to murder. We will have a follow up on this later. Until then we'll simply say that since this group has now named four separate women as "Shoalanda," we don't think their pronouncements should be held in very high regard.



  1. One of the 4 women is going thru a divorce, or was. She might be honored to be called "Shoalanda" but it also might cause her extra difficulty right now. Can't some of you 10 take legal action against these women? Or are some men? Are these the werewolf people?

    1. We don't choose to publicly identify them. We simply wished to clear up any misconceptions about someone who was kind enough to help us when we started blogging. As for the lady going through a divorce, if she is indeed upset by these falsehoods (and since she already has an attorney), she could have him/her write a "Cease & Desist" order concerning the use of her name.

  2. I'm not quite sure why I've been named as contributing to this blog. Obviously, the authors of their hate site don't know me. I know very little about local politics. I don't read the paper or watch the news. I'm pretty ill-informed on current issues. I write romance novels professionally. I don't write anything unless it bears my legal name - and unless I get paid for it. They apparently don't realize that more than one person in Florence is capable of writing a grammatically correct sentence. :-)

    My attorney sent two of the women cease and desist letters and they laughed about it. Rather than spend any time or energy on it, I decided rather to focus on my career. No one's paying any attention to those women anyway.

    1. Debra, so far this group has named four women and not gotten it right yet. One woman, of whom I've never heard, is reportedly going through a nasty divorce. I'm sure she doesn't need the publicity at this time. A second woman has not worked here in over 18 months, yet these vultures seem intent upon taking her job and also shutting down her other current business. I'm guessing there's an attorney out there who would be happy to help the people who have been libeled by this group--it's just a matter of finding him/her.