Friday, March 23, 2012

Cassie Carol Medley: New Franklin CoC Director

W. Kevin Stone
The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously to hire Cassie Carol Lindsey Medley as its new director; she was chosen from among 18 applicants. Previously, Medley worked for Valley State Bank in Russellville at a branch managed by W. Kevin Stone. Coincidentally, Stone is on the board of directors of the Franklin County Chamber.

Stone isn't Medley's only tie to the chamber. Cassie Medley is also the owner of Dixie Catering, a business that is a chamber member. Not surprisingly, many of the 17 other applicants have been crying foul.

Medley has proclaimed her experience in the business world made her the ideal choice for the job, yet other applicants had similar backgrounds. In fact, many would have seemed to have much more impressive backgrounds. It's possible that in a town as small as Russellville, in a county with as sparse a population as Franklin, each of the remaining 17 could have had similar connections with board members and the board in general.

We expect to have a follow-up blog on the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and its new director in the not too distant future. Promoting Franklin County to the world is a huge job, and we wish Mrs. Medley good luck.


Will the Alabama Music Hall of Fame reopen...ever? If we must venture an opinion, we'll speculate the answer is "no." We don't seem to be alone in that opinion. Here's a very insightful piece from Steve Wiggins of The Quad-Cities Daily:


Pictured above is a scapegoat...or is that David Johnson, former long-time director of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame?



  1. First of all Ms. Medley did not work with Mr. Stone. I believe whomever is writing this blog should come forward with your real name. If you know everybody else is crying foul then who are they? What is the actual salary of this job? Do you even know or are you just throwing out numbers. Get the facts straight before you speak. Sounds much like sour grapes to me, maybe you should have applied for the job or maybe you did?

  2. Our data come from several different sources. As for salary, we gave the range those interviewed were given (the ones who contacted us).

    As far as we know, no one here applied for the job. You have to admit when someone who has previously worked for a person on the board performing the selection process, is also a member of the group which hires her, and has only a high school education (as far as is being publicized), then those who did not get the position will have some questions.

    We did privately tell those who contacted us, that unfortunately life is often unfair when it comes to hiring. If this should be the case, the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce will be the ultimate loser.

    We will have more information at a later date.

  3. After reading Voice's comment a second time, we realize one particular piece of info was omitted. There are 19 members on the chamber's board. We do not know if all were present for the voting, but we do know there were seven finalists for the job.

    Assuming all board members were present, that would mean all 19 voted for the same choice (1 out of 7). We don't know the statistical probability of that, having forgotten much of our business stats formulae, but we can obviously infer it would be quite high--that is unless there was a previous private meeting of the board members to discuss the issue...