Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tommy Arthur in His Own Words (You Tube)

This 1988 interview with Geraldo Rivera has just recently been posted to You Tube. At approximately 38 minutes into the program, twice convicted murderer Tommy Arthur makes an appearance. Tommy does what he seems to do best--attempts to manipulate the truth. During his interview with Geraldo, he claims the killing of the sister of his girlfriend/common-law wife was actually manslaughter. Just for the record, shooting someone in the right eye at close range is not usually manslaughter.

Why does Arthur have so many supporters? We're guessing those who defend him have not investigated either his past or the circumstances of his crime. In his latest attempt at manipulation, he again stresses that another man confessed to killing Troy Wicker. Could it be true?

Obviously anything could be true, but not too many 15 year-old boys frequent bars, strike up romances with women in their 30s, and agree to kill their husbands. We find it sad that so many convicted murderers in Alabama who have rededicated their lives to God are executed, while Tommy Arthur serves a more sinister master and continues to live.


We haven't had a local hero in quite some time. Today we wish to confer that title on Thomas Beane. We recently featured Beane's excellent blog, but Thomas is also well-known as a filmmaker. Thomas has used his abilities to aid in preservation of local landmarks, most notably with a video produced at Sweetwater Plantation under the auspices of the University of North Alabama. Thank you, Thomas, for all you do for the Shoals area.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words. I think "hero" is a little much. :) I do wish to thank all of the Shoalanda fans who have visited my blog since it was profiled on your site. According to my blog site data, Shoalanda Speaks was the highest referring source for traffic to my blog during the month of March.

    1. Thomas, we're adding your wonderful blog to our blog roll. It's a great addition to Shoals cyber space.