Friday, March 16, 2012

April 24th: Important or Not?/Keith Collier Jr.

Keith Collier Jr.

Our friend Dino has pointed out the exceptionally low turnout in the two Lauderdale County Commission races. All right, you guys in Lauderdale, do you not care who sits on the commission? Were you watching any of the commission's antics recently?

Lauderdale has only two districts and a total of four commissioners. That makes it extremely important that these candidates can walk and chew Double Bubble at the same time. We endorsed accountant Keith Collier Jr in the primary and we are happy to endorse him again in the April 24th runoff.

Why do we need Keith as a commissioner? The word accountant should stand out to all of us. If any county ever needed an accountant on its commission it's certainly Lauderdale--a county known to write checks for .02 between accounts. Apparently the concept of a journal entry is unknown to the present commission.

You say that's a minor issue? Yes, it is; but if our commission can't figure out how to transfer two cents between county bank accounts without writing a check, do you think it's doing any better with major issues? Fay Parker promises to fight to keep the hospital in Lauderdale. Does he think any Lauderdale elected official is going to fight to build it in Colbert?

We need intelligence and accountability. We need Keith Collier Jr. as Lauderdale County Commissioner for District 2.

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Additional data on the two candidates:

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Tomorrow we'll feature the race for District 1.



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    1. We agree with wanting strict bookkeeping in any local office. We have only to look back a few years to remember at least three or four incidents where Lauderdale County/State funds were misused in Lauderdale. We're just not sure why a journal entry taking only a few seconds isn't preferable to writing a check, taking not only several minutes to process but costing the taxpayer at least fifty times what the check was worth. We're also sure (okay, make that believe), there's at least some legal way for one county entity to write off such a small debt from another county entity if such journal entities aren't allowed.

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    1. This is extremely interesting about the sheriff's office. We've had several questions recently about non-payment of bills by the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department. Do you know how often they're audited?

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  7. I appreciate your concerns and input regarding our county's finances. Our county should have a set of checks and balances for each department and steps to protect our assets. If elected, I will ensure that these steps are put in place. As an accountant, I know the steps and procedures that should be in place and will put them in place. Also, we need easier access to our county commission's activity. Budgets, agendas, financial statements, etc. should be posted and available online. As your next commissioner, I'll work to make that happen. Thanks again for the endorsement and more importantly caring about our county. - Keith Collier Jr.