Monday, March 12, 2012

The Shoals is Not the Many/Go with Mo?

We haven't yet endorsed any candidates beyond a local level. We will state that as honest and brilliant a person Dr. Parker Griffith is, Mo Brooks has made things happen. He will be our personal choice tomorrow. Starting over every two years is not the way to make things happen for us on a national level.

But what of the presidential race? We see that our friend Justin has put in a plug for Santorum. We're still not sure if that is humor or not. Romney seems the lesser of all the evils floating about in the Republican flotsam, but should we lose sleep over our choice?

The Shoals is a very small frog to any presidential candidate. We're sure each of them, if here, would speak with great fervor of what he planned to do for this area. We're also sure that six months later, that candidate would say, "Muscle Shoals? Is that in Georgia or Florida." No, we can't compete with New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago; however, the way things are looking we may soon be able to give Detroit a run for its money.

We'll come back to another of Justin's comments. He feels we are to care for all who come to us for aid, but we ask how can we? It has always been our belief that if each community makes the most of its resources, those communities won't need the state except in dire emergencies. If states put an honest effort into recruiting industry, they won't need the Federal government to assist in local projects.

It begins here in the Shoals for us. It begins with such individuals as Mel Grimes and Keith Coillier Jr. who have proved themselves in other areas, who have no personal agenda. If we continue to vote vipers in, we can't expect to receive anything less than venom from our elected officials.


A few have asked about Lane Roland's current involvement with the North Alabama Gas District, if any. We have been unable to contact Mr. Roland; however, one reader who knows Mr. Roland personally has stated he doubts that Roland remains as a consultant. In this day of social media reign, this is a perfect example of why Facebook should be a must for every candidate.

We'll add a humorous note that Roland's opponent for the Colbert County commission seat, Troy Woodis, has not answered The Connection's article concerning his recent financial problems. Several readers have mentioned Kilgore Hardware has made copies of the piece and is passing them out to customers. Well...we do believe in being politically proactive. Link: Troy Woodis

Our poll on linking a blog showcasing a sex offender has ended. Over three hundred votes were cast, and by a small margin, readers have asked that we not link the blog to ours. We appreciate those who do send us links to local blogs. We can't promise to link all of them, but we will try to find room for those that promote the growth and safety of the Shoals area.


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  1. I'm afraid your poll may have been skewed. Shewed by the same one from the TimesDaily forum that continually changed his IP address to create a new name after he was banned, time after time. By changing the IP, Larry could vote many times.