Monday, March 19, 2012

Lakeshore Pediatrics: No Money? No Humanity...

We strongly support Alabama's anti-illegal immigration bill. That does not mean we think it's perfect. It was hastily written and similarly adopted. We do believe it fell into the category of a curfew for teenage children. You give them 10:30 p.m. as time expected home in order to get them there by 11:00 p.m. Our legislature expected many parts of the law to be challenged and indeed thrown out in court.

Are medical transactions business? Yes, in the U.S. they are, and we believe they should be. Medical personnel should not be forced to work for free or a government set wage. That does not mean they do not have a duty to humanity. We also certainly believe such transactions should be exempt from anti-immigration legislation.

We were greatly amused by the comments of a local CRNP in the TimesDaily. Rebecca Kay Thompson of Lakeshore Pediatrics stated:

“We see patients if they are present in the office — it would be inhumane not to. If they have insurance, we see them, or if they don’t have insurance and they want to pay for the visit, we’ll see them."

The owner of Lakeshore Pediatrics, Agustin Rivas, is a native of Mexico. We're assuming this was the rationale for the TimesDaily contacting that particular group for a quote. We understand that Ms. Green's comment was, in all probability, hers and was not endorsed by any physician associated with Lakeshore. That didn't make her remarks any less humorous...or disturbing.

We predict unless Lakeshore appoints a media czar there will be no more public comments from this group. Unless, of course, Lakeshore Pediatrics really feels that only money can produce humanity.



  1. My two year old daughter was a patient at Lakeshore, and my sister previously worked there. My husband took my daughter for vaccinations she needed for daycare and they refused to give them to her because her Medicaid expired and I hadn't yet had it renewed. They told us that if she were sick, they would see her. So we told her that she was also sick. The young lady informed us that 'it didn't work that way', basically saying they were not going to see her, and sent us home. I did not like the way this doctor's office was ran. I have know several people who have recieved bills for services from this doctors office that were from when a child's Medicaid lasped. It's sad when money is the most important factor, not a child's well being.

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    1. Perhaps you should not quote something you are not sure was said!!!! If you did not speak to that person dont ASS-U-ME!!!