Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Sunday; Let's Take Out the Trash

Trash. Not a nice word? Well, it's much better than one we could use here. Just what is trash?

Trash is the person who shot Blackie Carton full of buckshot and left him to die. (Thank God Blackie's doing much better.)

Trash is the man who shot and killed a neighbor's cat because he had wandered onto his property.

Trash is the man who throttled Amanda Taylor to death and then dismembered her body.

Trash is the man who claims he had sex with a four year-old girl because she seduced him.

Trash is the man who had his teacher/girl friend get his own sister drunk so he could have sex with her.

Trash is the man who just loves to say he's innocent of rape because a jury acquitted him of the crime but fails to mention the Alabama Board of Education found him guilty of that heinous act.

In case anyone objects to number one or two, they may be "legally" correct. Why? They're not crimes of moral turpitude. Just what are crimes of moral turpitude? Arson, kidnapping, assault, rape, murder--nothing less and nothing more. Oh, various attorneys general can add to the list to impress ignorant voters, but it's still comparable to saying "pregnant man." Some facts of life can't be changed.


It's election year and that means our critics come out of the woodwork. So now a few disclaimers:

* We are not related to anyone running in Lauderdale, Colbert, or Franklin Counties (that we know of).

* We are not associated with the ShoalsInsider, The Connection, or The Quad-Cities Daily or anyone who works with these publications. We do have an advertising co-op agreement with The Connection. That does not mean we support their opinions or they ours.

* Just FYI, this is a blog. A forum, formerly called a bulletin board, is an internet fixture where members exchange information and/or nasty comebacks. An Internet magazine is similar to a printed magazine and offers various news stories laid out in attractive form. The Shoalanda Group publishes four blogs and nothing more at this time.


Comments? Yes, you have to register. You may call yourself the King of Siam, but you must register. Why? Let's consider this scenario:

Anonymous: Ronald Weems is the scum of the earth.
Anonymous: Ronald Weems is a misunderstood fatherless child.
Anonymous: I agree with Anonymous.
Anonymous: Anonymous is crazy.

Now, do you understand why one must register to comment. Under the old system, one could have just keyed in a name, even something as short as Al, taking about two seconds, but since commenters refused to do this, we obviously had to devise a way to make all comments understandable.

Also, one local blogger has recently mentioned comments can be edited in the Blogger program. No, they can't. If there is a way to edit or falsify comments, please e-mail us as to how this is done.


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