Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jeff Barksdale More Qualified? We Doubt It...

 Anita Morgan Scott

Does Red Bay attorney Jeff Barksdale know more about the circuit court clerk's office than Franklin County Clerk Anita Scott? Hmmmm. He tells us he's more qualified. We would certainly agree he's more qualified to set up a family trust or defend a murder suspect. We doubt that Barksdale predicted he would desire the office of Franklin County Circuit Court Clerk when he set up law practice in 2008.

It's a sad fact, but Red Bay attorneys don't make a Los Angeles salary. It's probably very safe to say Mr. Barksdale's salary varies from month to month--not that good a thing for someone attempting to support a young family.

However, we're going with Mrs. Scott's thirty years of courthouse experience and endorsing her for the Democratic nomination. Her photograph doesn't depict her as being quite as close to death's door as Barksdale has insinuated, and her experience seems a much more prudent bet than a nebulous statement about bringing in some unidentified new electronic equipment. We weren't aware Franklin County had the money in its budget to purchase a new wastebasket.


Finishing off Colbert County, Jimmie Gardiner is our choice for the Dem. in District 3. District 6 has generated a great deal of mail for each commission candidate, but neither has a dramatic edge over the other in any area. We suggest you thoroughly research David Isom and Charlie Hovater and then vote. Colbert County would do well with either one.


A reader has asked us if 11 years experience in the legal field really trumps four. Obviously, each case is different, but we would ask the reader which surgeon he would prefer to remove his gallbladder...



  1. In response to the 11 years of experience to 4 years of experience on the gallbladder issue, most would choose the 4 year surgeon over the 11 year general practitioner.

  2. Nepotism, bias, and corruption rule Franklin county. They have allowed bitterness, unkindness, and contempt to control their behavior. They are disinclined to rely upon honesty, trustfulness, and human virtue as motivations.