Friday, March 9, 2012

B.J. Tully/Carla's Closing/Runners

 B. J. Tully

If you live in Lauderdale County, you've heard the name B.J. Tully. Mr. Tully has long worked in law enforcement and similarly toiled in the political vineyard. The Republican is currently running against Roger Garner for the county commission seat in District 1.

Both gentlemen have good records, but Mr. Tully has more diverse experience and has proved himself in numerous capacities. We wholeheartedly endorse B.J. Tully for the Republican nomination.


Have you eaten at Carla's Sandwiches & Burgers yet? Open less than two months, we hear that today is their swan song. The South Court Street location was previously home to Backyard Burger, another regional chain that failed to make it there, not once but twice.

We're still hearing rumors that Zaxby's is considering downtown Florence. The main question is will they give this location a try or consider it jinxed at this point?


Fast Delivery for Fine Dining: If you live or work in the immediate Shoals area, you should be familiar with Runners. This new business is something of a novelty in the area, but owner Bill Gibbs tells us it's gaining new customers each day. For a small charge, Runners delivers for several local restaurants and is adding to the list daily.


The legal system failed Tommy Arthur? We wonder how long Arthur would have been allowed to live if human existence depended upon what a person gave back to society?



  1. Who are these bad dudes? Do you have pictures of the crime?