Thursday, March 8, 2012

Montgomery v. Olivis: Their Supporters are Many

Teachers Fighting the System

Most Shoals voters know school superintendents are appointed in city systems and elected in county systems. Is one method better than the other? Each has its advantages, but the county elections always bring just a little extra zing into the voting booth.

We recently endorsed Robert "Tuc" Montgomery for Colbert superintendent, and did that cause the e-mail inbox to overflow. All who contacted us stated that we may use their names; however, since we're assuming these voters have children in school, we prefer to publish a few comments without attribution. Rest assured they do come from our readers.

Supporting Mr. Olivis:

I...did not understand the sentence "due to the obvious disparity in the scholastic records of the two candidates".  Mr. Olivis has a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Educational Administration.  He has served in the Colbert County system as a Teacher, Assistant Principal, Elementary Principal and High School Principal.  In addition to educational experience, Mr. Olivis also served 22 years with the U.S. Army National Guard & Reserves and answered the call to serve in Iraq in 2005.

I know both of these men, being a resident of the Colbert Heights community and I will be voting for Mr. Olivis.  If you choose to support Mr. Montgomery, that is your choice.  You should not imply that you have looked at both candidates objectively if you have not.


I have known Anthony Olivis for 30 years and have worked with and for Mr. Olivis for about 10 years.  He is a very hard working, intelligent, and christian man who in my opinion is the most qualified candidate for the position.  Mr. Olivis not only has been a peer of mine in the teaching profession but in the military as well.  He is retired from the military and spent a year in Iraq defending our freedoms. 
Even though your blog is "not an exercise in journalism," you are reaching and influencing people of the shoals.  Hopefully this helps you in making a decision based on the merits which helps the people who follow your blog.


Here is a link to Mr. Olivis' resume':  Anthony Olivis


Here is a link to the latest interview with Mr. Montgomery:  Bob Montgomery

We assume there will be more statements and clarifications from both candidates in the next week. As we stated yesterday, do your own research before you vote. Whoever wins works for the people. Many candidates forget that fact once they are elected. Colbert County is like many Alabama systems and desperately short on funding. Remember the big picture is made up of many little pictures. This is an important election and should be regarded as such.


While we are currently making no endorsement in the Democratic race between Troy Woodis and Lane Roland, we have been asked to make a correction. Lane Roland is now retired from the North Alabama Gas District.

Many retired gas managers continue to receive a monthly salary for consulting work. We have asked Mr. Roland if this is the case with him; when we receive an answer from the Colbert County Commission candidate, we will immediately publish it.


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