Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bubba Weighs In...Sort Of

Thanks once more to Miss Shoalanda for letting me have some of her precious publishing space here. I know it's valuable bein' free and all. The reason I wanted to talk to all of ya'll is I've just read some books. Now, don't laugh. I really have. I've read not one but two books on the internal combustion engine. That may sound real fancy an' all but to you unlarned folks it just means car motor.

Well, see now, I've read these two books and even understood much of 'em. Pretty good for an ol' guy like me, huh? Oh, I forgot to mention that since Junior has taken over most of the septic tank business I've got a lot of free time on my hands an' pickin' up beer cans on the side of the new highway just doesn't bring in that much. So I've decided to become a mechanic. I thought about it for some time and thinkin' is pretty hard for me so I finally just said to self, "Self, go for it. You got two shade trees in the front yard an' all."

So if any of Miss Shoalanda's readers live near Dog Ear, you know where to find me. If I can't fix your car's engine in three or four days I'll give you a free septic tank clean out.

Bubba LeRoy Smuckpucker II
Dog Ear, Alabama

Foghorn Junior High Class of 1982


We're really impressed by Bubba's new found calling. We do need to point out that such things are not that unusual. Several local politicians, even office holders, seem to have been led to their calling in the same manner.


A reader has informed us that the owner of Sidelines II, formerly of Muscle Shoals, is not Game On as stated in the TimesDaily, but GameOn. The registered owner is Thomas Drake (Tad) Austin III of Sheffield.


Note: We found our illustration for Bubba's new vocation at a site called Tiny Cat Pants. If you feel you need some extra humor in your day, this just may do much to fill the void.


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