Sunday, March 11, 2012

Franklin County?/Two Days & Counting

A few readers have asked why we haven't endorsed a full slate of candidates in Franklin County, as we have in Lauderdale and Colbert. Franklin traditionally has a larger ballot, featuring some offices that don't exist in the other two counties. We've also received much less input, either good or bad, from Franklin County concerning what might be termed lesser offices.

We have noticed a candidate named Randy Hargett running for the county commission. We know nothing of Mr. Hargett, either positive or negative. His name did remind us of a problem former Franklin County District Attorney Chris Hargett encountered while in office. At that time he was continually asked if he was related to then police officer Chris Hargett. The latter Hargett is now police chief in Russellivlle. D.A. Hargett never failed to answer in the negative and placed strong emphasis on the fact. We do wonder if candidate Randy Hargett is claiming kin to either?


A few words from two endorsed candidates in the last days of the campaign:

From B.J. Tully -Thank you for your endorsement in the Lauderdale County Commission Dist. 1 Republican Primary. I have always put the citizens first and will continue to do so when elected commissioner

From Mel Grimes - It is my hope that within the next few years Lauderdale County will be well on the way to becoming a template for county governments everywhere. To achieve this goal, our community must establish the following priorities:

1. A love for God, our country and our neighbor.

2. We must find ways to mitigate the devastating effect of crime on life and property.


A guest commentary:  I know that Shoalanda Speaks primarily addresses what could be termed the tri-county area, but I also know that many readers come from Limestone County. Limestone has a growing Republican vote, and for those voting in the Republican primary this Tuesday, I'm asking that you vote for Brad Curnutt for Circuit Court Clerk. The three needed attributes for any office are honesty, ability, and experience. Brad certainly has the first two, and I believe his record shows he also has the third. Thanks for your consideration.


Tomorrow will be our last blog before our state's Super Tuesday. If you have any comments, please send them now so that we may publish them tomorrow as early as possible. Thanks to all our readers.


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