Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whom Did Franklin County Hire?

Kerr County, Texas, has a population of just under 23K. Franklin County, Alabama, has a population just under 32K. Despite Franklin County having a larger population than Kerr, the Texas county enjoys a higher median income. This isn't surprising. The majority of the counties in the U.S. have a much higher average and median income. That doesn't mean Franklin County isn't trying. One of Franklin's main promoters is the county chamber of commerce.

The former director of the Franklin Chamber resigned in January to take a position with the local school system. That left Franklin County scrambling to find a successor for Nina McNatt. Similarly, the Kerr County Chamber of Commerce has been looking for a new leader. What experience and attributes will the new director in Kerr County have? From their website:

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for providing leadership, fiscal and personnel management, planning, membership development, reporting and coordination of all administrative operations, programming and activities of the Chamber.


Leadership: represent the organization to all constituent groups and be the public ''voice'' and ''face'' of the Chamber.
Membership development and member services: Recruit and retain chamber members and insure that activities are member focused and done for the benefit of the business community.
Budget development and fiscal management: Develop a balanced budget that includes appropriate revenue sources to fund the operations of the Chamber. Manage the fiscal affairs of the Chamber so that the Chamber operates in the black and actual revenue and expenses meet the budget outline. Also manage the fiscal affairs and cash flow needs of the Chamber.
Communications: Provide clear and timely communications so that the board, membership and all appropriate constituents are fully informed of activities, positions taken, and the condition of the Chamber is clearly known.
Program development and oversight: Develop programs that align with the Chamber's mission and that benefit the Chamber, Chamber members and the business community.
Liaison to Chamber Board and Executive Committee and other ''partner'' organizations including but not limited to: KEDC, CVB, City of Kerrville, and Kerr County Government
Oversight of building and grounds management
Staff Management, supervision and development including hiring, performance management and firing, as necessary.


-Prefer a Bachelor's Degree
-Prefer U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute training
-Prefer chamber management experience or experience with an equivalent organization (at least 5 years)
-Should have strong leadership skills and be able to demonstrate from current and previous positions.
-Demonstrated budget and fiscal management ability and experience.
-Demonstrate a clear understanding of the business community and business environment including economic development. 

-Knowledgeable of nonprofit corporations with full knowledge of the responsibilities that guide said corporations and maintaining the operations within the stated laws.
-Supervisory skills and demonstrated experience managing personnel and personnel issues, policy development and administration, and general operations of the Chamber program.
-Should be knowledgeable about working with volunteer boards of directors, leadership training for said volunteers and providing a basis for cooperation and good will within the organization.
-Must have outstanding planning and organization skills.
-Must have strong command of written and verbal communication skills and strong public presentation skills.
-Must be a self-starter, creative thinker with a high energy level.
-Must have working knowledge of all normal office equipment and software to include computers, software, fax machines, postage machines, etc.
-Prefer experience and understanding of the use of social media to promote programs and activities of the organization.


Serving as President/CEO of the Chamber requires responsibility of daily office operations and management as well as attendance at meetings, special events, and entertaining of guests and/or business prospects that are often held in the evening and/or on the weekends. There are many times that travel will be involved in conducting business recruitment, retention, or professional training. This is a position that requires good health and high energy. Even though the physical responsibilities are fairly normal (office work and light lifting of paper goods, office supplies, etc.), the stress of dealing with the public and managing multiple projects can be difficult at times. This position does require the driving of an automobile.

Compensation and Benefits
-Salary Range: $80,000-$90,000 commensurate with experience
-Civic Club Membership
-Professional Organization Membership
-Health Insurance
-Continuing Education

Note: If any of our readers are interested in the Kerrville County job, the last day to apply is April 12th.

The above job description is quite specific. It would seem Kerr County expects a great deal from its new director. One would think Franklin County would also. Obviously, the director would preferably not be learning on the job, but diving right in to promote the financially strapped Franklin County and its similarly beleaguered towns of Russellville, Red Bay, and Phil Campbell--the latter almost totally destroyed last April.

It's also a safe bet that the new director's salary won't be close to that of the new director in Kerr County, but it's certain that the economy being what it is in Franklin County, the position would be considered a plum job.

So whom did Franklin County hire?

To be continued...


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