Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ashley Fawn Greenhill Indicted

Ashley Greenhill, aka Ash Lette

Ashley Fawn Greenhill has now joined Ronald Wikkid Weems, Laurel Pruett, and Matthew Fox (Fudoshin) as one of the accused in the Amanda Taylor murder case. A Colbert County grand jury indicted Greenhill, who uses the stage name Ash Lette, for hindering prosecution and abuse of a corpse. 

Sources say the stripper from Killen remains in the Muscle Shoals jail with bail set at 250K. Sources further stated Greenhill has not been transported to the Tuscumbia City Jail, where Colbert County's female prisoners are housed, in order to keep her and Laurel Pruett separated. Both women were sometime girlfriends of Weems, and Greenhill turned in the other three in an effort to avoid prosecution.

We may now wonder why Laquania Weems, Ron's mother, was not similarly indicted and arrested. Perhaps the grand jury felt a mother's love is blind?

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A related comment from "Heather" on the PYSIH site:

I actually attended Brooks High in Florence with Ashley Greenhill… And hung out with her on a daily basis until I moved back to my hometown in Ga. We were all huge fans of ICP back then but I figured we would all grow out of it. I know I did. Woowww. What a crazy thought. I am really just in disbelief to see her on here but I don't guess I should be... 


NOTE: We have received an unconfirmed report that the charge of "murder" was dropped against Matthew Fox. Fox was not in the Moss Avenue home at the time of the murder and was unaware of the crime until contacted by Ash Lette.


We'll continue with our series on the new director of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce tomorrow.


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