Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dr. Allen Long's Property to be New Hospital?

For months sources predicted RegionalCare's new hospital would be built on farm land near Regency Square Mall. Then rumors began to spring up that it would be built on a large parcel of land lying along Hwy 20.

Legal protests of the new facility have caused the rumor mill to gear up, but our sources in the wonderful world of RegionalCare are agreeing with them. The new regional medical center will almost certainly be built on land belonging to Allen F. Long, MD. This property is in the immediate vicinity of the old Florence Golf and County Club, now owned by the City of Florence.

Obviously, once the hospital is built, the city's property value will rise to the extreme. We say thank you to the councilmen who probably knew what was coming (and it wasn't the Chinese) and scored a tremendous coup for Florence.


Back on the election front, we endorse Stratt Byars for the Democratic nomination for Franklin County Probate Judge. None of the three Dems running is a juris doctor, but Byars has education and, from what we're told, a tremendous amount of common sense. Good luck, Stratt.

In Colbert County, we endorse Dem. Max Eady for Place 2 on the Colbert County School Board. Both candidates have worthwhile points, but Eady has more life experience and a stronger record of social involvement.


In closing, a W.C. Fields' quote (and if he didn't say it, he should have): Two things you never pick a fight with--a bulldog or someone with nothing to lose.


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