Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rhea Tays Fulmer v. Joe Frank Fowler/Roy Moore

Rhea Tays Michael Fulmer--Current Lauderdale Commissioner

Democratic incumbent Rhea Tays Michael Fulmer will face Joe Frank Fowler in the April 24th runoff. The winner will face Republican Roger Garner in the November general election to determine who will represent District 1 on the Lauderdale County Commission.

Both Fulmer and Fowler have stated they support RegionalCare building its new medical center in Lauderdale County. Not too many surprises here, are there? Fowler is a former Lauderdale County school board member, and both candidates come with a lot of baggage. Since Fowler has failed to utilize social media in this race and has already finished second to Fulmer in the March 13th primary, it's not difficult to predict Fulmer will win the nomination.

Is she a better choice? We believe the race offers a Morton's fork; therefore, we're not endorsing either candidate. Republican Garner has shown he's extremely effective at campaigning, so whoever wins the April election will have a strong opponent in the fall. Thank God.

More candidate info:

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We've had reports of at least one reader being disturbed by our reference to Roy Moore as a returning fungus. Let's look back at some of Moore's greatest moments...

1. He called the state's first case of mad cow disease a plot to help pass an animal identification system.
2. He told his replacement Chief Justice Gorman Houston that he was going to hell.
3. He placed a granite monument depicting the Ten Commandments inside the state judicial building...complete with the wording "c. Roy Moore." (We're pretty sure God doesn't like plagiarism.)
4. He said in 2005 that homosexuality shouldn't be tolerated in Alabama. (We're not weighing in on the right or wrong of that particular orientation. We just want to be sure Moore doesn't decide to not tolerate them with gas chambers.)

We could go on, but you get the idea. We'll gladly accept comments concerning Roy Moore's beliefs and his candidacy.



  1. Rhea Fulmer has 4 kids that I know of. Maybe your just referring to the 2 that she has with her current husband?

  2. Apologies to Mrs. Fulmer for the error. We had been told she had two children and two step children. Apparently our informant was in error. We try to correct any errors and are happy to note that. Similarly, we have not been able to obtain any real personal info regarding Mr. Fowler and welcome any additions.