Friday, March 2, 2012

Keith Collier Jr, A Name to Remember

Yesterday we looked at current Lauderdale County Commissioner Fay Parker and former commissioner Ronnie Brown. Both individuals obviously sought the office in order to help the county (we hope), since the salary involved is minimal. County offices have always had a different dynamic from most city positions. Voters have often wanted one of "their own" rather than someone who would be a more efficient leader. We hope that in the 21st Century this lowest common denominator type thinking is passe'. We sincerely hope all the voters in Lauderdale County want the person with the most expertise to get the job done. Here is Keith Collier's vision for his county:

Today, County Commissioners are much more than the ‘Road Commissioners’ of the past. While we still have the important responsibility of providing safe roads and bridges, sanitary waste management, and top emergency protection, we also have to make decisions today that will stimulate our local economy and provide stability for years to come. We have to focus on bringing new industries into our area and supporting the ones that are here to help them succeed which in turn provides jobs and tax revenue to keep the economy growing. I am excited about the overwhelming support of the new commission structure by our residents. With the Commission Chairman free from the Probate Judge’s responsibilities, the Commission will have an invaluable tool in economic development for our area. I look forward to having the opportunity to promote Lauderdale County to the world, as well as work with our existing businesses to make them stronger. 

I believe that serving as an elected official is one of the greatest ways to give back to a community that means so much to me and my family. As a public servant, we should be held accountable to the citizens who put us in office. Communication is a key element of accountability. I am a strong believer in transparent government and know many residents cannot come to Commission meetings at 9 AM on Monday mornings. I will hold community meetings at convenient times throughout my district, as well as use social media and other means to communicate with our residents. Our residents deserve to know the issues and should play a big part in how we deal with them.

I will apply my Accounting skills to ensure our Citizens get the highest level of services at the lowest possible costs. My accounting background gives me a skill unique to the candidates in this race. I have an Accounting degree from UNA and over 20 years’ experience with multiple business and their needs to be successful. Lauderdale County has a budget with almost $28 million in expenses which are over $2 million higher than budgeted revenues. To ensure a strong financial future during these tough economic times, Lauderdale County needs a commissioner with financial experience.

To ensure the bright future of Lauderdale County, we must invest today in the important matters of the county. I have always believed in giving back to the community that has blessed my family and I so much. I currently serve as a deacon in my church where I work in several ministries. I also volunteer as my daughter’s elementary school PTO treasurer and Help Center Bookkeeper as well as several years’ service in youth sports and other community projects. I have served on the boards at the UNA Sportsman’s Club and Florence Lauderdale Port Authority. I am also a 1994 graduate of Leadership Shoals. I will invest my time and energy to ensure that our young people can find jobs that pay a good wage to allow them to invest themselves in our community. We cannot afford to keep losing our bright young residents to other communities where they can find better careers.

In summary, let me just say I love this area and I believe I have fresh ideas and the energy it takes to lead Lauderdale County into the next generation. As an added incentive, I have a wife of over 20 years and 3 daughters who depend on me for their future in the Shoals area and I am not going to let them down.

We are extremely happy to endorse someone of Mr. Collier's intelligence and leadership abilities for the Place 2 Democratic nomination.


The Shoals Republican Club will host Republican Lauderdale County Commission District #1 candidates William Roger Garner and B.J. Tully on Tuesday, March 6th at 7:00 p.m. at Ryan’s Family Steakhouse Restaurant on Cox Creek Parkway in Florence. A social hour will begin at 6:00 p.m. for those who would like to purchase dinner.

Each candidate will be given time to introduce themselves and speak about the important issues facing Lauderdale County and the Lauderdale County Commission. Lauderdale County Commission District #1 encompasses half of Florence and the eastern portion of Lauderdale County. The Republican Primary for Lauderdale County Commission District #1 is Tuesday, March 13th.

All meetings of the Shoals Republican Club are open to the public. For more information, contact Shoals Republican Club President William Smith at (256) 767-4529, or


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