Monday, March 5, 2012

Daniel Rosser is the Man/Parole Protest

Daniel Rosser J.D.

Long time Colbert County Probate Judge Tommy Crosslin is retiring. Races for such seats are always interesting, and we've been surprised that more candidates didn't turn out for this position. Attorneys Daniel Rosser and Jenna Brooks Smith are both seeking the Democratic nomination.

Is one superior to the other? Yes and no. We've carefully looked at the resumes of each and they are surprisingly equal...except in one area: experience. Mrs. Smith could still be called wet behind the ears. That's not an insult; it's a simple fact.

Daniel Rosser is hardly elderly, but he has had enough experience that he should make the county one of the best probate judges in modern history. We sincerely hope Mrs. Smith will continue with her political aspirations and that we'll be seeing her on a ballot in the future.


Darwin Scott Terry, who hanged himself in the Leighton jail late Saturday night, was serving his sentence for drug possession in the community corrections program and would have been released on December 2, 2012, barring new charges. The Lawrence County man had previously served time for theft and forgery involving family members.


Jeffrey Noel Rickard will soon have a parole hearing. Rickard should serve his sentence day for day. Why? He raped and sexually tortured a four year-old girl with a hammer. Real nice guy, huh? You may protest Rickard by contacting:

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles
301 South Ripley Street
PO Box 302405
Montgomery, Al 36130-2405
Telephone:  (334) 353-7771, 353-8067
FAX:  (334) 242-1809
TDD:  (334)242-0110
Re: Jeffrey Noel Rickard, AIS#189728



  1. OMG a 4 year old and with a freaking hammer?!? WTH is wrong with people. If I want to protest this can I just call that number or should I write a letter? This is horrible.

  2. Hott, here is a link to testimony that we just found. Apparently what the child called a hammer may have been a large vibrator:,1176171&dq=jeffrey+noel+rickard&hl=en

    You can call, but if you write you can be sure the letter will be kept in his file for future parole dates.

  3. On the article about Colbert county probate judge, is this a paid advertisement or your personal opinion because public record shows otherwise?

    1. Sir, our endorsement cannot be purchased. We based our endorsement mainly on experience, since both attorneys have similar legal backgrounds. Mrs. Smith was admitted to the bar in 2008; Mr. Rosser in 1997. Eleven years is quite a difference in time actually spent practicing the law, wouldn't you say?

  4. My grandmother has been driving for 50 years, but I promise you I'm the better driver. I don't have Mr. Rosser's resume sitting in front of me, but you say they have similar legal backgrounds. If thats true why are you endorsing a man who in 11 years hasn't accomplished anymore than what Mrs. Smith has in 4? You don't have to sit in a job over a decade to be prepared for greater challenges.

  5. Mr. Rosser may make a fine probate judge but he was a lousy acting (ACTING) prosecutor for the town of Cherokee. I can say that based upon the experience I had with him. He is not a man of his word, only a bully protecting other bullies. DO NOT VOTE FOR DANIEL ROSSER...... I am a registered Democrat and I would not vote for him.....

  6. I have been a registered Democrat since 1964 well before Daniel Rosser was conceived or out of diapers. He may well be qualified as a probate lawyer but as for a judge, or even an Acting prosecutor, he is not qualified. He is not a man of his word and that's all that needs to be said.

    I will not vote for him and will tell everyone I know do consider doing the same......