Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Franklin CoC Director/Life for Ashley Greenhill?

The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce received 18 applications for the position of director, interviewing seven candidates. The position reportedly will pay between 30K and 40K, depending upon experience. Considering the economic climate in Franklin County, we're surprised there weren't more applicants, but we don't know how widely the opening was posted.

How did the chamber eliminate the 11 who weren't interviewed? There could have been many deciding factors, but we're going to rule out education, since the new director lists only a 1991 diploma from Russellivlle High School. More importantly, of the those interviewed, how did the chamber come to select the 38 year-old small business owner?

Tomorrow: Cassie Carol Lindsey Medley


Several readers have asked how long Ashley Fawn Greenhill will serve for her part in the cover-up of Amanda Taylor's murder. These are the applicable laws in Alabama...

Abuse of Corpse: 

(a) A person commits the crime of abuse of a corpse if, except as otherwise authorized by law, he knowingly treats a human corpse in a way that would outrage ordinary family sensibilities. Abuse of a corpse may include knowingly and willfully signing a certificate as having embalmed, cremated, or prepared a human body for disposition when, in fact, the services were not performed as indicated.
(b) Abuse of a corpse is a Class C felony.

Hindering Prosecution:

(a) A person commits the crime of hindering prosecution in the first degree if with the intent to hinder the apprehension, prosecution, conviction or punishment of another for conduct constituting a murder or a Class A or B felony, he renders criminal assistance to such person.
(b) Hindering prosecution in the first degree is a Class C felony.

Maximum Sentence:

With this conviction, the sentence is no less than two years and no more than twenty years. If firearm or other deadly weapon is used the minimum sentence is ten years. Fine is no more than $5000.


Matthew Fox, Ashley Greenhill, and Laurel Pruett could all face a sentence of 20 years. Their previous criminal records, if any, would be taken into consideration. Ashley Greenhill has at least three previous felonies (one violent). She could possibly be tried as a habitual offender and given a life sentence--either with or without parole.


Why wasn't Ronald Eugene Weems indicted for Capital Murder? Our guess is the district attorney's office felt the autopsy/forensic report on Weems' victim Amanda Taylor did not prove rape as has been speculated in some circles; neither could any actual robbery be proved. That effectively ruled out  a Capital Murder indictment.


The ShoalsInsider has reported that Ashley Greenhill's two children are no longer living with her parents, but are in foster care. The father of Greenhill's younger child remains in prison. We don't know if Greenhill has relinquished all claims to the children, but doing so could possibly win her some small favor with the state. These two children deserve much better than they have received up until this point.


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