Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valley Views--Your Two Cents

Seen and heard around the Valley this week:

Is it supposed to be ironic that Fat Boy's sells wrist bands? - JKM Films on Twitter

I was very disappointed with the quality of the basketball. The kids need helmets if their (sic) going to play the game this way. - Heeters commenting on the inept referees at the annual Lauderdale County Basketball tournament

* We’ve been wearing shoes here since the 1970s, and the largest city in the state (Birmingham) has had a black mayor for decades. Of course, the most recent occupant is going to federal prison for corruption. - Jay Nordlinger in On Alabama

* If the Shoals wants us to use it's (sic) airport, wouldn't it help to update your website? Hasn't been since 2008! - abstractrandom on Twitter

* A Shoals area teacher charged with a sex crime was fired from her position. - Nick Lough of WAFF on Amanda Watkins (Shouldn't the words "because of" be inserted in place of "from"?)

* Hunter’s parents may own “Beck Boys Plumbing” however, “Beck’s Plumbing” is not associated with Hunter Beck, his parents, or any other Beck family member in any way form or fashion. - CEO Beck's Plumbing (Our apologies to Beck's Plumbing for the error--what a difference the word "Boys" can make.)

* Talk about your two cents worth: It's not enough that the Lauderdale County Commission recently wrote a check for five cents, in December they actually wrote one for two cents. - Yours Truly commenting on the December 14, 2009, meeting minutes. (Since it costs approximately $1.00 to cut and mail a check, wouldn't a journal entry have sufficed to erase this debt to another county entity? For that matter, would a debt of only two cents be that monumental if it weren't paid at all?)