Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jimmy Sandlin's Paternity Court

The TimesDaily today published an article featuring Jimmy Sandlin's Paternity Court. Judge Sandlin oversees what is commonly referred to as "family court," but we have no idea what "paternity court" may entail.

Perhaps the TD was actually referring to parenting classes that are mandated in some divorce/custody trials. With Judge Sandlin's flair for unusual wording to create colorful acronyms, we can't be sure...


During a town council meeting Monday night, the town of Anderson "fired" seven reserve officers--individuals who serve as police officers without training or pay. Such officers can be a boon to towns with an extremely small budget for public safety, but they can also present a great liability. Apparently the latter had become an issue, and Mayor B. J. Tully, along with a majority of the town council, voted to terminate the reserve force until further notice.

That leaves only Chief Mark Bowers to patrol the extremely small Lauderdale County town at this time. Bower's brother Brian was one of the seven officers who were dismissed. Commenting on the situation he stated:

If we're not around to protect him (Mark Bowers), watch his back, uh, they could actually hurt him or kill him. So, that's their agenda.

Are we to understand it's the agenda of the Anderson Town Council to hurt or kill the current police chief? Stay tuned--the council meets to discuss Chief Mark Bower's employment next Monday, February 1st.