Friday, January 15, 2010

Florence-Lauderdale Tourism? Not Quite...

To no one's surprise, the battle over the re-appointment of Bill Hunt to the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board continues--now with new and improved accusations. Florence Councilman Sam Pendleton seeks to establish a Florence Tourism Board, abandoning the current city and county collaboration. Others propose Lauderdale join with Colbert and Franklin Counties to create an area-centered board.

In an attempt to gain insight into what such a collaboration among the counties would entail, why don't we look first at the current Florence-Lauderdale plan of action to snare those coveted visitors to the state's most northwest county. Ready? Here we go: Florence, AL USA.

Let's see, here we have references to Helen Keller, Ivy Green, Muscle Shoals Sound, the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, the Cherokee Coon Dog Cemetery--not to mention the cities of Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia themselves. These references are all located on the homepage; we haven't yet clicked any links to see what other "Florence-Lauderdale" attractions may await us there.

Do we object to advertising the entire Shoals area? Certainly not, but what is the point of having several boards and agencies that overlap? Mr. Pendleton, we believe you have the best interests of Florence at heart. If we're to have a Florence Tourism Board, let's make sure it promotes the city of Florence, Alabama. After one glance at the current Florence-Lauderdale page, we fear we may be only one short click away from North Carolina.

What's up with this: It seems there's some question concerning who may be paying for a private attorney to represent the family of Cherokee Mayor Chuck Lansdell in their claims against chronic critic Betty McKinney. Our question is why the case would even be heard in civil court--is this type of action (no matter who assaulted whom) not a misdemeanor to be handled by the town or county prosecutor?