Sunday, January 31, 2010

Would You Survive Being a Patient at ECM/Shoals?

Shoals Hospital - A former employee tells of a staph outbreak affecting an entire floor and of nurses on second shift covering 16 patients.

ECM Hospital - A family member tells of a patient with congestive heart failure being served a sugar free diet, rather than the appropriate salt free fare.

ECM Hospital - Today Denise Crosslin of Killen reports in the TimesDaily that her husband, a cardiac patient, went eleven and one-half hours without a meal and waited 26 hours to see a physician.

Are these isolated incidents or are they the norm for Coffee Health Group? We understand that of the recent layoff of 65 employees, almost 40 were Registered Nurses. What does this say about the quality of health care in the Shoals?

No one wishes to see our local government sell ECM and its affiliated institutions, but things change. We don't pay our medical doctors with pigs and chickens, nor do physicians with tens of thousands of dollars in college loans deliver babies for a pittance.

There will be change in our local health care; it's up to us to accept it and ensure than it's the right change. Investigate the four hospital groups seeking to purchase the Coffee Health Group and make your voice known. Make it known now--don't let CHG become the next Florence Golf and Country Club.

Notice: Due to UNA's closing and the related inclement weather, the Lauderdale County Volunteer Firefighter Association banquet will be rescheduled at a later date.