Monday, February 1, 2010

Journey into Hope with Richard Taylor

Richard Lane Taylor is a Florence native and a man who wears many hats. A graduate of the University of Florida and Vanderbilt University, Taylor specialized in Latin American history. Currently he resides in Linden, Tennessee, a town 50 miles north of the Shoals boasting a population of only 1,000 residents.

Taylor owns the Singing Wood Guitar Company where he builds custom pieces as well as restoring other stringed instruments. While we're sure this unique talent is noteworthy in itself, this is not our main purpose in showcasing Taylor.

Richard Taylor is also the founder of Journey into Hope, a humanitarian organization that offers aid to the poorest of the poor in Latin America and the Caribbean. This organization is non-denominational and helps those from all walks of religious life.

We hope you take the time to read about Richard's work, as well as to join his cause on Facebook. Richard Lane Taylor is making a difference; something we should all strive for.

What's up with this: The Anderson Town Council meets tomorrow night. So far, WAFF television is the only news outlet to cover the police situation there. We hope other media will be present to report--the meeting falls under the Sunshine Law, and there should be NO excuse for secrecy.