Thursday, February 11, 2010

A District Judge Needs WHAT?


A Guest Commentary by


I read with some interest the recent interview on the Shoalsinsider website with candidate for Colbert County District Judge Tim Milam. Mr. Milam is an attorney in Tuscumbia who comes from a blue collar background where he started his law career aspirations in the dust of a construction site and now feels he has earned the right to become heir to George Carpenter’s highly esteemed position as District Judge. And how proactive he already is when it comes to judging others!

He states that “It is crucial for any District Court Judge to have children. I have biological children and have adopted a child. Until a person walks in the shoes they should not be allowed to Judge others.” As well as stating that he is a self proclaimed Christian who “have been involved in (the church) for many years prior to my decision to run for District court Judge and not because of the upcoming election.”

Interesting. One one hand, that sounds like someone who is discerning one's character and ability should be based on their ability to produce children in some manner. But yet, a churchgoer would certainly know the old adage, “judge not lest ye be judged.” What a quandary for the position which Mr. Milam seeks! So should we be expected to deduce that anyone who would be a judge without children would clearly not be knowledgeable, fair or empathetic enough to preside over cases that involve impartial honesty and integrity?

That would leave one to believe that the drug court he believes would be such an asset to our court system should not be presided over by anyone who hasn’t had the experience of being a drug addict. Can you proudly claim that as well sir? What about those that do not have the resources to afford a child? Would you suggest that these folks manipulate the system of government assistance in order to procreate and without the financial resources available to them, possibly create a home life that provides future cases for you to oversee in juvenile court? Just so that one day maybe they too can claim to be qualified to run as judge? And how many juvenile cases have you undertaken again sir? I suppose that any person that comes before you in a court of law, be it an attorney or client that represents a minor should not be allowed to do so unless they have had experience as a physical parent.

I hope you can see how ludicrous your point is. I think you are grossly misrepresenting those of us in the community who do as much as possible for others with or without having had the benefit of being parents. I have never met a perfect parent and certainly would not claim to be one myself. I just feel that it was very telling of yourself, that out of what must be a myriad of knowledge and experience you can claim to bring to the table to qualify you as the best choice, being a parent is one of the few things that you spoke of. I highly doubt anyone that goes to vote in this election will think, well he didn’t say much else-but at least he did have kids. That means very little to many sir-including your constituents who themselves, may not be parents. We want to hear more about your ideas, your morals, your experience, and your future goals.

I want relevancy, not barely concealed mud slinging at the childless candidates and how many committees at church you serve on. The position you are choosing to be elected for does not afford us someone who is grasping at straws as to why they should be elected. I will vote for someone who is qualified and who is already a custodian for the betterment of our future. Someone that serves as a role model and parental figure regardless of weather they have their own children. Someone who is qualified to undertake the responsibility for bringing our community into the future with reverence and respect for the law by making decisions that will empower and fulfill the greater good.

This election is not about how many children our candidates have or will have. Nurturing and creating positive productive members of society for tomorrow is all of our jobs, and our future District Judge should be able to discern that.

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