Sunday, February 14, 2010

How's Your Heart This Valentine's Day?

Did you buy her roses that she'll toss in the trash within the week? Did you buy him a tie that he'll hide in a dresser drawer until he thinks it's safe to donate it to Goodwill? Do our readers feel that most money spent on Valentine's gifts is totally wasted? Then why not do something positive, something that will have a lasting impact.

Several days ago we brought you a blog concerning Journey into Hope, a humanitarian organization founded by Florence native Richard Taylor. For some time, this organization has been concentrating its efforts on the Dominican Republic, a small country that takes up approximately two-thirds of the small Caribbean island of Hispaniola. The remaining third is Haiti, a country even more poverty stricken than its neighbor.

Pictured above are two views of the small island nations. The map on the left illustrates the location of Hispaniola in relation to the United States. It doesn't look that far, does it? Approximately 680 miles separate the island from Miami, Florida. In other words, the citizens of these two countries are closer to us in the Shoals than many US states.

While Journey into Hope is still primarily concerned with the Dominican people, obviously last month's devastating earthquake has affected its work. Many Haitians had already taken refuge in the Dominican Republic, and now most of these individuals have no idea concerning the fate of their loved ones still in Haiti.

How big is your heart this Valentine's Day? Take inventory of its size, shape, and disposition--tomorrow we'll look at what Journey into Hope has already accomplished.

The best to all on St. Valentine's Day 2010!