Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Now for the Florence Golf & Country Club?

The City of Florence is preparing to enter into the final stages of the Florence Golf and Country Club purchase. If this mega-real estate deal is finalized, Florence will own a 157+ acre country club for which it has no immediate plans.

Currently, the City fathers state that an addition to the existing landfill will be at least five years away. Obviously, during the next five years, administration may change and plans for the property be scuttled. Even if this is not the case, Florence will enter into five years of grounds keeping for the acreage and its elaborate clubhouse. Even if the golf course is not maintained, the property will have to be manicured to some degree in order to retain most of its current value.

If the City should decide not to use the FG&CC as a new landfill, has anyone considered how much the taxpayers will have invested in its upkeep? Or if the funds aren't invested in maintaining the property, just who will be willing to purchase what may have become another run-down, overgrown municipal white elephant?


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