Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Man in the Maze

Love everything about the Trail of Tears? Then you won't want to miss the new Indie film The Man in the Maze. Filmed locally, the story follows four young men who decide to follow the trail; when one of them violates a sacred site, the four are transported back to the actual upheaval of the Cherokee people in 1838.

Central native Steve Hester is currently working on script rewrites with Applied Art Productions in Florence. The movie is scheduled for an August 2010 release.

If you like the illustration from the film's publicity kit, it's suitable to use for wallpaper. Just think, you can advertise the film and scare Great-Granny at the same time...

Are we conservatives?: We here at Shoalanda have always considered ourselves more conservative than not; however, semantics is a cruel mistress. Are we in 2010 perhaps more moderate? A reader sent us the following clip from something called the Political Cesspool. While the clip is fairly innocuous, this "conservative" organization is not. The purpose of displaying the clip? It takes place in Sheffield (albeit called Florence by the program's host).