Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go to War...Lose Your Child?


A Guest Commentary by

Mark Davis

I read in today’s TimesDaily the House Judiciary Committee meets at 9 a.m. Wednesday in room 123 at the Alabama Statehouse to consider a bill that would prohibit a judge from altering custody in a divorce case because a parent has been called for active duty in the National Guard or Reserves.

I found this with interest because the bill I wrote includes same.

I talked to the ALFRA State President Holly Wales, moments ago. She had no word from the legislators working with us to sponsor our bill.

I haven’t seen the bill to be considered in the morning and I haven’t seen a similar one pre-filed, but our bill has been promoted statewide. The military section has been a noted ‘hot topic’ in the political arena.

As for the shared parenting bill , the title of it has changed to, ‘No Parent Left Behind.'

This late in the session, ALFRA is now working toward getting it pre-filed for 2011 session. It wasn’t completed early enough to pre-file in 2010. We have a jr. legislator as co-sponsor but he is waiting for a sr. member to co-sponsor it.

We will have more on this from Mark in days to come.


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