Wednesday, February 3, 2010

As Cherokee Turns


A Guest Column By

J. J. Ray

How wonderful it is to have a new soap going on in the Tennessee Valley. It gives a completely new meaning to frivolous prosecution. This is nothing new for the city of Cherokee that appears to be stuck in a time warp.

Those of us that live in the 21st Century marvel at the level this soap continues to develop from the 19th century town. Seems like only yesterday when the town rejected Jack's restaurant franchise moving there. Folks in the know said, “They did not need that kinda trash food there.” Shoot, there might be a place for some of the kids to work and what city does not need the additional tax revenue?

Now the soap continues with a disabled woman who uses a golf cart to get around to visit friends. My gosh, that golf cart might reach speeds approaching 10 miles per hour and bring this disabled person some level of enjoyment. The venomous city councilwoman who has been watching too much “Days of Our Lives” sets out to seek some kind of justice for the town. Hello, the Scopes Monkey trials are over. Where are William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow when you need them? Perhaps she would be happy if the disabled woman was put in a pillory and veggies thrown at her. I would venture to guess the venomous woman would probably have the concession for the veggies.

But wait, does this mean that the Amish folks are breaking the law with their horse and buggies? What about those folks in some California cities where only golf cart type vehicles are allowed. Lest we forget, Muscle Shoals where there are signs noting that golf carts are crossing the streets.

Hopefully the national media does not pick up this continuing drama. Most people in the country already have a retro opinion of the south. To take this one-step further I asked some towns people what they thought of the drama. Most thought that is was dumb and gave the 19th century town a bad name. A few suggested that they really did not want any new folks moving there with new-fangled ideas.

After spending some time in the 19th Century town of Cherokee there is no doubt that “The Twilight Zone” does exist and its right here in the 21st Century Tennessee Valley. Where are the reporters and film crews from Fox news when you need them? To add to the already confusing trial, the case has been appealed post brawl at city hall, which was captured and shown on local TV. Wonder who the prosecutor will be. Maybe this case needs the attorney general to prosecute. Hello, Eric Holder come on down.

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