Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Alabama Line

Have no idea where your favorite Alabama candidate stands in whatever race he or she has entered? Don't think Roy Moore is actually as far ahead in the governor's race as he claims? Then here's a must-read site.

Doc's Political Parlor presents the Alabama Line where you can gauge your candidate's progress, or lack thereof, in the 2010 elections. The line that we linked is being updated this week, so make sure to check back from time to time for the latest from Doc and his prognosticators. Just remember, as Doc says, the line is for personal edification and not to encourage your loss of money.


For all you Facebook addicts out there, here's a reminder to send us a friend request. We're going to be more involved with political and social projects this election year, and we want you to be both informed and involved. Keep watching and reading, we hope to introduce another columnist soon--one that you'll be sure to love.


Happy Birthday tomorrow to Tom Magazzu, editor of the Courier-Journal. We understand he will be 29; be sure to call him to wish him well and inquire if he saw his shadow.