Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Walk Through Town" with Jim Smith

We knew when we published yesterday that we would inadvertently omit a few long-time TimesDaily Forum posters who have recently been banned by the Shelton family, new owners of the Shoals' only daily newspaper. One of these was local author Jim Smith.

As Too Old to Care, Smith was a recent victim of TD Forum bannings and has not been able to find anyone at the TD to respond to his questions. If you're not familiar with Tuscumbia native Smith, he is the author of Walk Through Town.

Walk Through Town tells the story of a ten year-old paperboy in 1946 Tuscumbia. We've perused excerpts from Smith's account of life in post-war Tuscumbia, and it's truly a joy to read. You can purchase Walk Through Town at Coldwater Books in Tuscumbia or order a copy form Amazon Books for only $10.00--a small price to pay for such valuable memories.


Apologies also to long-time TimesDaily Forum member DixieChick who was also a victim in the last round of bannings--banishments apparently meted out to any who would question why the current owners have eliminated the Private Message and Quote functions from their forum, all standard in other eve based software.