Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuscaloosa News Forum

Forums: Politics, crochet, gardening, hate, cake decorating--you name it, and they're out there. Yes, we used the word hate to describe some since there's no better description. The TimesDaily boasts that its online news site, complete with reader forum, is the largest read site in the Shoals. Yet, rumors persist that editor Scott Morris has plans to discontinue this popular venue.

Apparently the TD isn't the only newspaper to be the subject of rumors. The Tuscaloosa News, unlike the TD, is still part of the New York Times group, a company that has announced it will be eliminating its forums come February. So what of the TNF?

According to sources at the Tuscaloosa News, that newspaper will continue its popular forum, buying the current software or finding a format that is compatible with the present forum. Why should we in the Shoals care?

Visit the Tuscaloosa News Forum and count the number of members from the Shoals. The number grows daily for a variety of reasons. The TNF seems to have actual moderation--effective moderation at that. We invite you to visit it. You just might like it.

What's up with this: Andy Betterton is advocating that Blackberry Village subdivision revert to R-1 zoning. Fairly easy to advocate de facto zoning, isn't it? We've supported the R-2 zoning as an improvement over the former trailer park; obviously Eugene Sak is living up to his promise of doing what's best for Florence and the subdivision's neighbors.