Sunday, January 17, 2010

John Odem Announces for Lauderdale District Judge

Florence attorney John Odem has officially announced his candidacy for the position of Lauderdale County District Judge. Odem will run against James Hall II in the June Democratic primary.

John Odem, 30, is a Lauderdale County native and a graduate of the University of Alabama and Miles Law School. Odem has a private law practice in Florence specializing in Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, and Family Law. He is a partner in the firm Odem & Odem with his father, Dennis Odem.

The Lauderdale District Judge deals with Civil Litigation up to $10,000, evictions, traffic violations, misdemeanors committed in the county, as well as felony cases in their pre-indictment phase. While there are three Circuit Judge seats, only one District Judge is responsible for the entire county caseload at the District level, geographically reaching from Rogersville to Waterloo. Odem is running on a platform of Judicial Efficiency.

“We are on the brink of substantial State cutbacks and proration. Statewide, our court system faces serious and immediate financial challenges. The courts are responsible for efficiently utilizing the taxpayer’s money without costing citizens their constitutional right to a speedy and fair trial.” Odem says, “I have the experience and knowledge required to implement this and a plan to make these things happen now. I have an open door policy and welcome any questions or suggestions. My two primary interests are making the district court run efficiently and ensuring that everyone is treated fairly.”

Odem is a legal enthusiast and trial lawyer. He is also seasoned in the field of aviation, piloting both commercial helicopters and airplanes. An accredited musician, he performs with his family band The Cadillacs. John plays banjo, guitar, and bass. The band is known for playing local shows and benefits.

The Primary election will be held on June 1, 2010, and the General Election will be November 2, 2010.

Correction: While Cherokee Mayor Chuck Lansdell is Cherokee's Fire Chief (and a member of their EMS), he works for the fire department gratis, receiving only the official salary from the mayor's office. He is, still, his own boss it seems, not only in one, but two other city departments. While this may be common in small towns, it is not sound practice.