Monday, January 18, 2010

Bill Batson, Trevor Stokes, and Who's on Second?

Bill Batson is the Chairman of the Lauderdale County Republican Party; Trevor Stokes is a reporter for the Florence TimesDaily. Either one, or both, of these gentlemen is very confused.

Yesterday, we published John Odem's announcement of his candidacy for Lauderdale District Judge--an office currently held by appointed Republican Carole Coil Medley (pictured). Also publishing Odem's announcement was the TimeDaily. In an article written by Stokes, the TD announced the names of three current District Judges, all of whom are actually serving as Lauderdale Circuit Judges.

Perhaps the most startling aspect of Stokes' article was the quote by Bill Batson that no Republican has yet announced his or her intention of running for District Judge. In fact, Ms. Medley announced on August 13, 2009, that she would be seeking four more years of the district judgeship, a fact recorded in the TD by Stokes'
fellow journalist Bernie Delinski.

And Lauderdale County often wonders why it's ignored in Montgomery?

What's up with this: Sources familiar with the now infamous Cherokee Council scuffle (dubbed Thrilla in the Kee by one local wag) are stating the Lansdell's son, known as Char-Char, will definitely be involved when all charges are finalized.