Thursday, January 7, 2010

Psychic Says Farron Barksdale Murdered

We here at Shoalanda are evenly divided on the subject of psychic power. Yet even those who do not believe in the ability of those who claim to see beyond the natural realm realize that those who have inside information often use such self-proclaimed psychics to pass on information that cannot safely be transmitted in other ways. Therefore, today we're presenting an edited communication that we received from an Athens area psychic:

I am a psychic. This was one of the hardest cases I have ever worked. Emotionally that is. To hear that someone is going to be murdered and not be able to stop it is very overwhelming. I don't know who you are and this is nothing more than I gave Buck and Jake (attorneys in the case). Also, my promise to Farron "I"ll be there."

Why the state did kill him: The ********** family used insurance money to have Farron killed. I also knew ********** was involved when I shook his hand. I was lost in Capshaw, found a tree cutting business and was asking for directions. They asked me where I lived, and I told them I was staying with the Barksdales. One of the employees told me he was friends with the ********** family and they paid to have Farron killed. Yes, I was lost and found this person.

The call about Farron came at 1:28 am. When the phone was answered no one was there. The caller came up unavailable. I told my companion, I hope that wasn't a spirit call. I explained to him sometimes spirits will ring my phone. The phone started ringing again at 5:30pm on Sunday. Farron was on every news channel, family was calling, and so were the doctors from Baptist Memorial South. We packed and left.

When we got there someone in clergy took us to find Farron. When I saw him I prayed for him and I began to ask him what happened. Although he was in a coma I could hear him in my head. He told me about the guards, he told me they over medicated him, he told me how they beat him. ALABAMA NEEDS TO REVISE THEIR CODES AND STATUTES!!!

He gave me descriptions of the guards, and what they used on him, things they were saying to him while they were cutting off his air supply. The only thing I couldn't figure out was why they kept having to suction blood. My former brother in law is **********, a real medicine man on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Without knowing anything about Farron, he told us where the blood had been coming from and why.

This knowledge was not known before autopsy. Farron gave me the initials of ***. I left the hospital the first day down there and went to CVS drugs and Kinko's. I was right, even before the doctors told the family, I knew other details about this case and the faces of the men who killed him. I think why I didn't know where the blood was coming from is because Farron was already unconscious. And **** is a known medicine man, more gifted than I am.

This was a plotted murder of a mental patient which every state system to protect him and others failed them all. Even though I was not family or legal council the doctors let me in at times disregarding the state guards. Farron had the best legal representation possible--Jake and Buck. Jake promised to do something, and I'm sure he will.

I just wanted someone to know this because of your article. I am a former legislative assistant, I actually cared about constituents. Farron needed help.

The above tale is presented in the "for what it's worth department." We have intentionally not identified the author, but we greatly appreciate her sending it to us. No matter the source of the above account, no matter what mental illness caused Farron Barksdale to do, if any of the above statements are true, remember this could be your relative next. Mental illness is just that--an illness. Until we address those who are no longer able to function in our society, we will continue to have the loss of innocent life, continue to have murders and hatred. Let's lobby our legislators for improved mental health care in the State of Alabama.