Friday, January 22, 2010

She Said...

Yesterday we published information provided by friends of Hunter Beck, a Florence youth accused of first degree rape. Those who read us regularly know that we support swift and sure punishment for those who commit crimes of violence against women. Similarly, we hope all who bring such charges falsely receive the proper legal punishment.

Friends of the young woman who has accused Beck have also now contacted us, assuring us that she is indeed a victim and will continue to pursue her charges against Hunter Beck. In no way do we support Beck over his accuser or claim to know the facts in this case; however, we are happy to make known the support of his friends.

Hopefully, this case will see a speedy legal resolution.


Morris Lentz, president of the Lauderdale County Volunteer Firefighters Association, invites everyone to the 32nd annual awards banquet to be held on January 30th at the Guillot Center on the campus of UNA. The banquet will begin at 6:00 p.m., and admission is $15.00. We hope all who can will attend and let our volunteer firefighters know how much we appreciate their efforts.

Note: As far as we can ascertain, the communications we have received supporting Hunter Beck have come from legitimate friends; however, we are updating the photo of Beck in order to assure accuracy.