Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stevenson Worth 4K/Year More? Mitchell Worst Probate Judge Ever?

Phil Stevenson is the current Purchasing Agent for the city of Florence; as of last night he is also the new media czar, adding four thousand dollars to his annual salary. Are Stevenson's added duties worth 4K of the Florence taxpayers' dollars? As we understand it, Stevenson will speak with only media--that would include newspapers, television stations, and us humble bloggers. If an average Joe or Jane Citizen poses a question, it will still be routed through the appropriate department head. Well, perhaps Florence got a bargain--Stevenson at one time boasted his raise would be 10K/year.

As dramatic as the issue of media czar has been, perhaps the most startling revelation of last night's Florence City Council Meeting came from Sam Pendleton who pronounced Dewey Mitchell the worst Lauderdale Probate Judge in the history of Lauderdale County. Mitchell, who does not possess a juris doctorate has come under scrutiny for many of his past decisions, as well as his attempt to rid himself of his extra duties as Lauderdale Commission Chairman.

We want to hear our readers opinions on Dewey Mitchell. Have you had a personal experience with Judge Mitchell? How does he compare to former Judge Bill Hanbery, whom he replaced? Does Mitchell earn his salary? All opinions will be published anonymously and edited for language and libelous statements.

What's up with this: Sheffield Junior High teacher Amanda Watkins has officially been fired by the Sheffield School Board. She, like Jason Lyn Gasque, will continue to draw her salary until her legal problems are resolved. Just what will the Board do if Watkins should be found not guilty of rape and sodomy charges?