Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Child in Danger? Yes! - Part I

The little boy is clinging to a ledge with one hand. Is he in danger? Certainly.

The little girl is walking within inches of a downed power line. Is she in danger? It's certainly possible.

The little boy is playing with a Pit Bull that has previously mauled a child. Is he in danger? Could be.

The little girl is being taken care of by a relative with an unsuitable lifestyle. Is she in danger? Some people would answer yes. Others would want to know more about the lifestyle.

 How Charming. Someone Has Lent Her a Helping Hand.


Since the inception of our blog, we've corresponded with our friend Mark Davis. We've always found Mark to be an intelligent, caring person who truly loves his daughter. Mark's divorce was granted in Tennessee where he was given 50% custody by their state courts. When his ex-wife moved to Alabama, Mark also moved to be able to continue sharing custody with his wife.

Then an Alabama court overturned the shared custody agreement in order for the child's mother to enroll her in pre-school. We're sure many readers may not find this particularly upsetting. After all, most custody arrangements in Alabama are drawn under similar guidelines. Yet, it was upsetting to Mark who wanted to be part of his child's upbringing.

It became even more upsetting, to use a mild word, when Mark discovered his child was being taken care of several hours each day by his ex-sister-in-law and her partner/fiancee'. Lest you think this deals mainly with opposition to a Lesbian life-style, think again. It deals with a lifestyle that most would find unsuitable for any child no matter the orientation of the caregivers.

To be continued tomorrow...



  1. This is unbelievable!!! If these were pictures of the father's girlfriend and he had custody, the Court would have taken the child from him before he could blink.

    The Alabama Family Court system is corrupt due to the Title IV-D funding it receives. They care only about child support and nothing else. I have personally witnessed case after case where the family court has ignored blatant cases of abuse and neglect from the custodial parent. The Courts don't want to award custody to the parent making money because then there would be no child support order and therefore no Title IV-D funding.

    In a single case with a $500/mo child support award the State will receive over $250,000 over the life of the case from the US tax payer just to "process" the payments.

  2. Shoalanda/whoever, nice job on blocking out the face and name from the online profile. Except for using the person's name for the file name and leaving the face uncovered in the other 3 pictures on the middle right. I hope that was an oversight.

    1. The photos were "named" when sent to us. We did not change their file name. The three thumbnail shots appeared too small to be identifiable...unless someone wanted to go to extra effort. Obviously the women's names are mentioned in the public court documents, but we did attempt to obscure their faces in the photos we published.