Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dewey Mitchell's Ethics Questioned

From a Republican press release:

Judge Dewey Mitchell’s decision to “retire from his elected position as Probate Judge and Chairman of the Lauderdale County Commission. Mitchell was elected to the position of Probate Judge, which also serves as Chairman of the Commission, in 2006 for a full six year term. He is currently the Democratic candidate for the newly created part time position of Commission Chairman and announced his “retirement” effective Wednesday, October 31.

“This decision is a perfect example of a politician making a decision based on what is best for them personally instead of what is best for the voters who elected them,” said Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party. “Dewey Mitchell ran to serve a six year term and now is stepping aside two weeks early – and all while seeking election for the same job he is retiring from today. While this move will increase Dewey Mitchell’s retirement pay, it leaves voters without a Probate Judge going into a historic election that promises record turnouts. This raises real questions about Dewey Mitchell’s ethics and commitment to the people of Lauderdale County.”

Dewey Mitchell has served for 18 years as Probate Judge in Lauderdale County, a position that pays him about $117,001 per year and also requires him to preside as Chairman over the County Commission. In 2010 the Legislature separated those two jobs, creating a lower paid part time position for Chairman of the County Commission and a full time Probate Judge position.

“Lauderdale County voters need to go ahead and retire Dewey Mitchell for good,” said Armistead.  “Eighteen years is long enough and it is time for new, conservative Republican leadership that can bring new jobs, cut wasteful spending and finally stop the good old boy politics that puts money into Dewey’s pockets and gets voters nothing in return.”


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1 comment:

  1. Hi Shoalanda, Thanks for offering commentary on the local races, we need folks to get involved in them. However, this press relaease is nothing more than typical election rhetoric telling half truths at best. My thoughts:

    1) Judge Mitchell has to retire at the end of the month per the State Retirement Syetem. This, coupled with the fact that he would not be allowed to preside over the election since his name is on the ballot, makes his decision to retire 10-31 the best choice for LAUDERDALE COUNTY.
    2) this press relaease is from the same folks who mailed out the advertisement with the vicious lies about Greg Burdine when Mr. Hanson ran against him. It seems to be a pattern everytime Mr. Hanson runs for something, he starts this mud slinging and telling lies to try to get elected. All I've ever asked a politician to do, escpecially local ones, is tell us what your plans are and your strenghts are and let us decide. When you use these tactics, it just proves you don't believe you are the best candidate for the job.

    3) As someone who attended every commission meeting and work session for the majority of the past year, it is intesting that Mr. Hanson only came to a couple of the commission meetings and was only present a 1 work session and only stayed for a few minutes. Does this seem like someone serious about what is going on in the county?

    Anyway, thanks for letting me share my opinion, especially since I usually agree with your columns.