Wednesday, October 10, 2012

James O'Neal Wilson To Have No Bond

Florence resident James O'Neal Wilson has been denied bond in Lauderdale County today. What the eventual charges against Wilson will prove to be depend heavily on the toxicology report. Wilson has a history of drug abuse and DUIs plus convictions for theft.

If convicted, what kind of sentence could he expect? With his previous convictions, Wilson should face Life With Possibility of Parole--none of the previous charges involved violence. Will he be convicted? Witnesses have already testified that Wilson was driving the truck registered in his name. We're not going out on too long a limb to say the case against James O'Neal Wilson should be a slam dunk.


As we stated earlier in the week, many of our readers seem totally unaware that our blog is mainly editorial in nature. Just today we answered a reader:

You omitted the fact that we at Shoalanda always ask, even beg, for opposing viewpoints as long as they don't support violence or sexual abuse. We get very few who take us up on our invitation.

We make no secret of having Republican and conservative leanings. We also make no claim to being more than editorial in nature. We do often present news stories that are not covered in other media.

Please consider this an invitation to write something for us. We look forward to hearing from you soon...

BTW, the term "wonk" applies to anyone, student or not, who delves into the minutiae of a subject.

The above invitation is sincere. We welcome guest editorials. The individual to whom we addressed the above recently commented on two guest columns--one supporting widgets and one against. He apparently didn't like either blog. Do we like widgets? We have no opinion on them, but we were happy to publish the opinion of two of our readers. So have at it, faithful readers, send us your thoughts on widgets, family court, or mug shots. We'll publish them...


Some interesting news about our local Navistar plant: Layoffs




  1. My most favorite Abbott and Costello movie is "It was the time of our lives" I think it's called. Lou was a ghost from the American Revolution and got to pick on Bud for a change.

    1. "The Time of Their Lives" was considered their best movie. I once posted a trailer for it on here, but it's not on YouTube. Perhaps we could buy a copy on eBay?

  2. This may be a duplicate, but I got an error message posting the other comment. I have a copy of "The Time of Their Lives" that I bought as part of a set just to get that movie.