Monday, October 29, 2012

Ronald Weems Baptism on Video/Correction

The baptism of Ronald Eugene Weems, aka Ron Wikkid, continues to cause controversy. One family member even videoed the ceremony and downloaded it to Facebook. Here's a still from the baptism:

According to WHNT, even Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May was unaware of the off-premises baptism and has banned the "missionary" who orchestrated the affair. For those who have asked, obviously Weems was unshackled during the baptism and also while he mingled with family afterwards. If reports are correct that there was only one deputy present, it would have been quite a security breach.


D.K. has informed us we were in error stating Tony Woods was not indicted for Capital Murder. Woods was indicted for this charge, but a jury convicted him only of Felony Murder. Again this shows how many steps are involved in bringing justice for a victim or family.



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  1. I would like to point out for clarification that the video was "uploaded to Facebook" not "downloaded to Facebook".