Friday, October 26, 2012

Bubba on John Barleycorn

When my pappy caught me with his stash of Playboys, I told him the truth...I was readin' the articles. So today I can truthfully tell all y'all that I just love to read the Quad-Cities Daily for all them fine articles Steve and Sheri Wiggins write and Mary Carton too. The mug shots have absolutely nothin' to do with me visitin' the site everday. Course, I do look at 'em while I'm there, and that got me to thinkin'.

There was one young man there, not much older than my Bubba III, who was charged with bein' a minor in possession of alcohol, ol' John Barleycorn as my pappy used to say. Actually most of 'em there were in the hoosegow because of drinkin', but this one young fella really stood out. If he coulda just waited two days and a few hours, he woulda been legal. Instead, for his 21st birthday he got his picture splashed all over the Shoals and all the way down to Dog Ear. I just gotta ask if it was worth it?

Seems most of the alcohol arrests are in Shurfield. Last time I looked they even got 'em one of them Eyetalian movie stars. So my advice to everone is not to drink, but if you hafta drink, don't drive in Shurfield.

Bubba Leroy Smuckpucker II
Dog Ear, Alabama

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Update on Lance Martin attack: Link


Lance's family has contacted both us and Pen-N-Sword concerning the hunt for Lance's attackers. They have been particularly disappointed in lack of coverage by the TimesDaily. We have no way of knowing how the TD prioritizes its daily news articles, but we do know much news never reaches its pages. The days of a single news source are over. We can assure readers that we, Pen-N-Sword, and the Quad-Cities Daily are happy to receive your input and news articles. In return we ask that you publicize us as much as possible. Many thanks.



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