Thursday, October 18, 2012

Polly & Nemo Aren't Animals/Insubordination?

Hide yo' kids...
Hide yo' husbands...
Hide yo' wives...
Hide yo' chickens...
Mark Dutton be abusin' erbody up in Moulton.

After all, humans don't have four legs or fur, so they, like Polly, Nemo, and the chickens out back must not be animals and are not entitled to protection from abuse. On a more serious note, could the Cumberland School of Law take back Mark Anthony Dutton's juris doctorate; or perhaps the Lawrence County Bar Association could eject him for giving attorneys a bad name? Yes, we know, the latter would be hard to do in some cases.

Or perhaps we should think more kindly of Dutton, aka Larson E. Pettifogger. After all, he probably realizes it won't be long until the five defendants in the infamous cockfighting trial will be in the dock for more serious charges. as well as their wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, or almost anyone who chooses to associate themselves with such white trash.


A historian speaks on cockfighting: Does cockfighting go back thousands of years? Yes, indeed it does. So does slavery, execution for petty theft, lack of suffrage for women and the poor, and of course throwing Christians to the lions. Do we practice any of those deviant or socially suspect behaviors today? No; however, I'm with Shoalanda on this one. Perhaps we could take those who abuse animals and throw them to the lions. Few thinking people would object. Leo and Una might need some Pepto Bismol and rabies vaccinations.


Florence Middle School teacher Beth Weir has been "found guilty" of dereliction of duty and insubordination, but she and the current incarnation of the school board would like us to know it's not anything to do with her teaching. Hmmm...dereliction of duty doesn't affect teaching? How interesting.

Just what did Ms. Weir not do? She's a math teacher, so we assume lesson plans don't change with current events. Did she forget to celebrate Blaise Pascal's birthday? Did she not show proper respect for the assistant principal, principal, school board, or superintendent? That could cover both charges and seems more than likely. Perhaps the next in service training day should include a mini course on how to genuflect.




  1. Women were the last group to be given the right to vote, but only after the suffered much abuse for our right to vote. The abuse was especially had this one November 15, 1917. A movie called Iron Jawed Angels was made about the suffrage movement. Here is a You-tube video of some of the things that happened that November night:

    I urge women to remember what our grandmothers went through and exercise your right to vote.

  2. before long fishing will be termed animal cruelty. if chickens are animals then close down the chicken plant in Russeville and I bet everyone eats fried chicken on a weekly basis.

    1. Chickens purchased from poultry distributors are, as you say, for food. The birds have been humanely (we hope) electrocuted instantaneously. This is in no way comparable to being maimed or killed by razorblades in the name of "sport."

      BTW, in the department of WWJD, can you see Him attending a cockfight?